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Who doesn’t love a bargain? So many of us walk into Target to buy something small, like a roll of toilet paper. And naturally, we end up leaving with a cart full of stuff we didn’t know we needed. So in the spirit of saving a few bucks, we thought we’d highlight our favorite—yet often overlooked—bargain section of the store: the end caps.

For those who didn’t even know they had a name, end caps are the shelves at each end of a store’s aisles. Since they are highly visible to customers strolling by, merchandisers use them to call attention to certain products—like a newly released Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand line, for example—that they want people to notice. They change up pretty frequently.

Some end caps— especially those farthest away from the center of the store, or the ones facing a wall— are often repurposed as clearance shelves (always keep an eye out for their yellow and red tags). These won’t be the first thing you see when you enter the store, but they’re worth checking out. What you find there will vary by store, and by date, so it’s worth a walk around to see what’s on sale at any given time. Sometimes end caps are filled to the brim, and you have to root around to see what’s there, and other times they are a bit sparse.

To prove that you can find some fun scores on the end caps, we headed into the Target store in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. Here’s a glimpse of a few things I thought were worth snatching up.

(Image credit: Megan Johnson)

The end caps are also great if you’re someone who likes to stock up in the offseason to prep for next year. We found a variety of fall goodies, like pumpkin centerpieces and autumn wreaths.

(Image credit: Megan Johnson)

There were a variety of Febreze products in the hand-pressed apple scent, which technically is out of season now.

(Image credit: Megan Johnson)

The toy section actually had a few stuffed end caps, which is great if you’re looking for a quick gift. They had Roblox products, Lori dolls, and Disney Stack n’ Display sets.

(Image credit: Megan Johnson)

And since the Fenway Target also sells food, we found some good edible deals on their grocery end caps, including 25 percent off Progresso soups.

(Image credit: Megan Johnson)

Clearly, we aren’t the only ones who love to cruise for a bargain. End caps are frequently discussed on Reddit, and All Things Target is a blog specifically dedicated to shopping there. But if you like to shop Target from the comfort of your own home, you’re not out of luck—their website has a clearance section too, with items usually around 60 percent off.

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